The Ruins of the Most Beautiful Monuments of Greece (Texts & Documents)
Julien-David Le Roy (著), Robin Middleton (序論), David Britt (翻訳)
ペーパーバック: 576 p
出版社: Los Angeles:
Getty Center for Education instituteISBN: 0892366699
刊行: 2004/01

新古典主義時代フランスの建築理論家ジュリアン=ダビッド・ル・ロワの主著 Les ruines des plus beaux monuments de la Gre´ce(初版1758、第2版1770年)の、近年刊行された英訳版。古代ギリシアの建築物を歴史と建築論の二面から検証したこの著は、ヨーロッパにおけるギリシア趣味に先鞭をつけたとされる。ローマ派のピラネージにとっては主要な論敵の一人であり、このギリシア賛美の書に対抗すべく『古代ローマ人の偉大さとその建築(Della magnificenza ed architettura de’romani)』(1761年)が制作された。

Book Description
Julien-David Le Roy's Les ruines des plus beaux monuments de la Grece, initially issued in 1758, first revealed to European eyes the wonders of Greek classical architecture. Overnight, Greece became the rage, much to the chagrin of Giovanni Battista Piranesi and other defenders of the genius of Rome. The impact of the volume's splendid engravings of Athens's ancient ruins on contemporary aesthetics was heightened, particularly in the much-expanded edition of 1770, by its two highly provocative theoretical essays. In one, Le Roy set forth a compelling linear history of the conceptual forms of architecture that began in Egypt, moved to Greece, then Rome, and finally modern Europe. In the other, seeking to express the experience of architectural form and its effects, Le Roy gave new voice to feeling. Here the second edition of Les ruines is published in English for the first time, framed by Robin Middleton's sweeping exposition of both the intellectual milieu out of which Le Roy's work emerged and the controversies it generated.のレビューより)